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At RE/MAX Realty Connection, we are passionate about delivering exceptional client experiences.
From sales, new listings, helping guide you through the mortgage process, our agents are relentless advocates for our clients. RE/MAX Realty Connection agents are professional, ethical, community involved and highly confidential.
Why Work with RE/MAX Realty Connection
As the most trusted brand with the largest global network, RE/MAX Realty Connection is a genuine home for our clients. As an innovative residential real estate firm, we empower our agents so they have more time for advising their clients. With the solutions-driven mindset and the sophistication of a #1 brand, RE/MAX Realty Connection is the future of real estate. We have the best cutting-edge technology, exceptional resources and marketing strategies to obtain the best outcome for our clients.
RE/MAX Realty Connection sells and shows homes, businesses and land in the Kentucky area that includes:

Ashland, Big Sandy Junction, Boltsfork, Burnaugh, Cannonsburg, Catlettsburg, Coalton, Durbin, Fairview, Garner, Ironville, Kavanaugh, Lockwood, Mavity, Meads, Millseat, Normal, Princess, Rockdale, Rush, Rush Station, Sandy Furnace, Savage Branch, Summit, West Fairview, Westwood, and Winslow.

Access, Aden, Beech Grove, Beetle, Boone Furnace, Brinegar, Carter, Charlotte Furnace, Clark Hill, Cory, Counts Crossroads, Davy Run, Deevert, Denton, Eby, Enterprise, Fairview Hiill, Fitch, Fultz, Garvin Ridge, Gesling, Globe, Hollihue, Grahn, Grant, Grayson, Gregoryville, Hayward, Hitchins, Iron Hill, Jacobs, Jeriel, Johns Run, Lawton, Leon, Limestone, Mount Savage, Mountain Top, Music, Norton Branch, Pactolus, Poplar, Prater, Olive Hill, Reedville, Rooney, Rose Hill, Rush, Smiths Creek, Smoky Valley, Soldier, Sophi, Stinson, Straight Creek, Upper Tygart, Wesleyville, Willard, Williams Creek and Wolf.
Ault, Bascom, Bearton, Bell City, Bigstone, Blaines Trace, Bruin, Brushy Fork, Burke, Clay Fork, Cliffside, Culver, Devil Fork, Dewdrop, Dobbins, Edsel, Eldridge, Fannin, Fannin Valley, Faye, Fielden, Forks of Newcombe, Gimlet, Gomez, Green, Halcom, Ibex, Isonville, Little Form, Little Sandy, Lytten, Middle Fork, Neil Howard's Creek, Newcombe, Newfoundland, Ordinary, Roscoe, Shady Grove, Sandy Hook, Sarah, Sideway, Spanglin, Stark, Stephens, The Ridge, Wells Creek, and Wyatt.
Arillite, Beechy, Bellefonte, Brushart, Danleyton, Edgington, Flatwoods, Frost, Fullerton, Grays Branch, Greenup, Hopewell, Hunnewell, Kehoe, Letitia, Limeville, Lloyd, Load, Lynn, Maloneton, Melrose, Naples, Oldtown, Oliver Station, Poplar Highlands, Raceland, Raceland Junction, Riverview, Russell, Russell Heights, Samaria, Siloam, South Portsmouth, South Shore, Sunshine, Truitt, Tygarts Valley, Walsh, Warnock, West Russell, Worthington, Wurtland, and York.
Adams, Beech Farm, Ben Bow, Blaine, Blevins, Buchanan, Busseyville, Catalpa, Chapman, Charley, Cherokee, Clifford, Cordell, Davisville, Ellen, Evergreen, Fallsburg, Five Forks, Fullers, Gallup, Georges Creek, Glenwood, Hanna, Henrietta, Holt, Houckville, Kise, Ledocio, Louisa, Lowmansville, Martha, Mazie, Noris, Orr, Overda, Patrick, Peach Orchard, Richardson, Skaggs, Stringtown, Summit, Terryville, Torchlight, Ulysses, Walbridge, Webbville, Wilbur, Yatesville, and Zelda.

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